Making your Wedding truly Unique

So as more and more people are having ‘alternative weddings’ nowadays, it’s important to step back and consider for a moment what this really means.


If you’ve been to or heard of a wedding that had something really special at it, you may be inspired to have something unique at yours too. Please please please, for your own sake and the sake your guests, don’t just get some different for the sake of having a unique wedding! You’ll end up pleasing no-one!


Any truly great unique wedding experience comes from the core of the wedding itself – the Bride and Groom, not some list of Top 10 unique wedding ideas. Whatever makes your heart shine, that thing you love, that you are passionate about in life – that is the essence of your truly unique wedding.


For Example, if you love nature your could have a tree-planting ceremony in the forest. If you love knitting, you could decorate your venue with wool bombing. You could theme around your favorite sport for table names, and layouts, colours, and even include games as part of your Big Day – why not? Music lovers can obviously go for their favorite (cover)band, but what about customised songs written just for you just for that day?


There’s no hard fast rules to how to do this, but here are some tips I’d like to share with you so you can get the most out of your wedding.


  1. 1. Start with yourselves. Make notes of your favorite things, write until you run out of ideas, then write some more.
  2. 2. Brainstorm it. Try to think how you could include these things into the wedding. Your ideas do not need to be great, you just need to get them onto paper. The best stuff comes when the creative engine is started, and sometimes your engine has to chug out some rubbish ideas to get going – that’s normal
  3. 3. For some help with creative thinking I highly recommend Edward De Bono’s “Lateral Thinking”. Creativity is not a gift, its a learnable skill, and you can learn it too!
  4. 4. Chat with industry professionals – they’ve seen it all!
  5. 5. Google it – read other people’s stories of how they included their passion.


If you are planning something special because of the pressure you may feel to have a ‘unique’ wedding, then please consider that you may be acting out of fear (fear of not keeping up, fear of disappointing guests etc.). The best laid plans will never be sewn out of fear but out of love. If you are planning each aspect of your wedding from a place of love, you will be happy, and so will your guests, and your wedding will be truly yours. In conclusion,”All you need is Love”, and if you’re getting married there’s certainly no shortage of that.


If you need more help brainstorming ways to make your wedding truly your, get in touch. We can have a free, no obligation, no pressure brainstorm chat about your wedding. I’m just happy to help!

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