Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge?

I can quote you a price after finding out a little about your wedding plans. To find out my price, get in touch.


What if I can't afford you?

No problem. Keep an eye out on my Facebook Page  for competitions where the prizes can range from discounts, bonus products, and even free shows. For those on a particularly tight budget I offer a solution that means you get to pay less, but I still get value for my service.


How long is your show?

About 10 years. That is over 10 years experience of performing and watching live shows, all crammed into the 30-45 minute duration at your wedding. That's a lot of bang for your buck. Its definately Quality over Quantity here. This show isn't a replacement for a band or DJ, which play longer sets that guests dip in and out of. This is a full-on, high energy, actively engaging experience for everyone, but within the normal human attention span of 45 minutes.


Can you perform outdoors?

Certainly! Provided its not raining, and the ground is right for it (smooth and level). Typically from May to October works outdoors. Outside of those months it can be a bit chilly for guests to hang out outside for the duration of the show.


Can you perform indoors?

You bet. Once it checks out with the venue, it's all good. In rooms with little ventilation I won't juggle fire though. I find juggling machetes more than ample replacement :)


I see you customise you show for each couple, what does this entail?

Well this one is different every time! It depends on the couple, what they're into, and what they would like to share with their guests. I can create whole new routines, or weave in anecdotes about the relationship, to helping organise different activities altogether. I'm happy help you brainstorm creative wedding ideas completely unrelated to my show.


How far in advance should I book?

I would advise 6 months in advance and there'll be a good chance I'm available. If your wedding is sooner, try anyway and you might get lucky