Check out these great 3 offers for your unique wedding entertainment idea:

Wedding Entertainment Packages

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Comedy – All my shows are comedy shows, which is a non-threathening, gentle but strong humour that is enjoyed by all ages, created especially for the wedding audience – young and old

Interactive and Fun – All my shows Actively Engage the audience in the show, with spontaneous verbal and non-verbal interactions with the crowd. This is the best way to make memorable experiences, as opposed to the passive consumption of entertainment such as TV or reading books.

Fire Juggling – I am one of Ireland's best Fire Jugglers, and I want to share that with you! That's why it's an option in each of my packages. Shows can be performed without fire too.

Giant Unicycle – A 7 Foot Tall Giant Unicycle has your guests craning their necks in wonder at the spectacle of unnatural balance and skill – coupled with some cracking jokes, makes this feature unmissable.

Customisation – I love to customise my show just for you. Whatever your hobbies or interests are I'll find a way to weave them into the show, via anecdote, joke, or a whole new trick. As your guests will all be familiar with your pastimes, this is an astonishly powerful way to create a great impact with your entertainment. Past ideas have included tricks with badminton rackets and horseshoes, and jokes about the Hungarian's obsession with Paprika, and boyfriends being wrapped around little fingers.

Atmosphere Building – On a scale of 1-5, how much does each package boost the atmosphere of your wedding? 

Unforgettable Memories – On a scale of 1-5, what is the quality of the memories that will be taken away by you and your guests?

Audience Participation – How many instances are there for your guests to join the show on stage? This is a great way to add heaps of fun to any show. I have many pre-planned moments to use, but I always say 'at least' because I love to leave a little space for whatever spontaneous fun wants to happen. 

Duration – Duration of performance