“The show was simply amazing, our guests absolutely loved it.. Great variety… Great guy.. Very humorous and very talented!! Our guests were amazed/surprised and engrossed in how Brian co-ordinated the show.. It was a pretty cool evening.. But it got all our guests outside on there feet, laughing/cheering and slagging.. Absolutely hilarious!…

Brian asked questions and included them in jokes. Which made our guests laugh even more. As the stories that Brian recited had been witnessed by lots of our guests. Which had everyone laughing.. He also included my husbands Brother and best friend to become his “helpers!!” They looked so uneasy!!.. In a good way!
Brian.. Was amazing off-stage too!! I’d booked Brian as a surprise for my husband.. So I was sneaking around receiving calls on the “Sly” poor Brian had been hung up on once or twice!! Lol!… But overall amazingly professional!
I would absolutely recommend this show to any wedding!! Adults loved the show as much as the little ones
Brian, both Simon and myself wish u all the success you deserve.. You are amazing at what you do.. Great show.. Love the comedy angle you do.. From a simple questionnaire to making it into a skit like you’ve knowing us all your life!!


P.s. Simon still can’t juggle!! Lol!”
Best wishes,
Edel and Simon Bowhan 17/05/2014